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Why do you need to protect your energy?

When do you need to protect your energy?
How can you protect your energy?
What do you protect your energy from?

How often do you have to protect your energy?

Protecting your energy can be done spiritually (cleansing or mediating) or you can incorporate certain habits and behaviors in your daily activities to make sure your energy is being protected. Protecting your energy means maintaining your peace, a high vibration and a happy and healthy overall mood and aura. 

Many things can contribute to your energy being imbalanced, all of these are covered in better detail in my video about grounding. But to review, some of the things that lower your energy and vibration include, being around toxic people/energy vampires, recovering from an illness, feeling stuck, and having low confidence. 

You need to protect your energy as soon as you start to feel a little anxious, or come home after a long day of being in a high-stress environment, or anytime you notice that you are giving too much of yourself. The reason we protect our energy is so that we are not giving too much of ourselves in such a way that exhausts us and leaves us feeling empty. We want to be conscious of where we invest our energy and love. 

In the last blog, we talked about why empaths need to protect their energy from people who are emotionally unintelligent. We also talked about setting boundaries and being conscious of how much of yourself you are offering. Here, I want to draw your attention to protecting your energy so that you can stop feeling like everyone is just taking from you. 

You can program your mindset to naturally protect you from toxic situations. When you start to do the inner work on yourself, your body will naturally run away from anything that gives you anxiety, and you will have better control over what you care about. You can DECIDE to not care about people and things that drain you or have no value. 

I’ve put together a list of 9 ways to protect your energy. 

1.  Cleanse your space

Cleanse your space with herbs! Some of my personal favorite ones are Sage, Lavender, Palo Santo (the holy wood), and Rosemary. Let me explain why I burn herbs. Firstly, I am a true believer of cleansing my space and thoughts.  When I burn sage, the smoke of the herb immediately raises my vibration and helps me to remove the excess energy that I have carried with me all day. Not to mention, Sage has been proven scientifically to get rid of toxins and bacteria in the air of the space you wish to cleanse. 

Everyone is capable of feeling energy. This is a gift we are all born with.  

When you burn certain dried plants to cleanse your space, you are getting rid of the energy that is not yours. Empaths know what I’m talking about- when you feel someone else’s sadness, exhaustion, or confusion and carry it with you, it weighs you down. But not only that, there are physical benefits to cleansing with different herbs (relaxation, better sleep, better breathing, remove headaches, etc)

2. Stop Over-sharing

This one is quite personal for me. I used to talk to all my friends about the experiences I was having with meditation, with law of attraction and manifestation, but everytime I would share these stories they would either end up in exhausting debates (who wants that?), or the opposite- people would get bored and change the conversation. This reaction made me feel hurt, exhausted, and MOST of all, misunderstood! 

It took some time for me to realize that the problem was not my “audience”, it was MY oversharing. Your spiritual experience is for YOU. It is between you and the universe. It does not have to be shared no matter how excited you are about it, atleast not with people who are not aligned with your energy. So don’t share unless you are asked. 

I’m not saying that you should never discuss your growth and be ashamed of it – NOT AT ALL! But in the beginning of your transformation journey, it is likely that you are still surrounded by people that don’t fully understand who you are becoming. YOU may not even understand who you are becoming fully. So allow yourself the space and time to make certain shifts first, and with making those shifts, you will attract people who will understand you. I can bet you anything that those people will find you.

3. Energy Vampires

This is a big one and I have a whole Youtube video on this topic that you can watch to learn more. Energy vampires are people who suck your energy and leave you empty and exhausted. You need to be aware of people who continue to take from you. You can find energy vampires in your family, friends or in your workplace. Energy vampires are people who lack emotional intelligence, lack understanding, and anyone who you feel annoyed, anxious, or drained around.

Do you ever get a call from someone and you immediately roll your eyes and dread answering? Do you find yourself cancelling plans with ONE particular person over and over again? 

Or maybe this is a family member who you dread seeing on holidays, whoever it is, there is a reason you are naturally pulling away from this person. It could be because they are either toxic or an energy vampire. In both situations, I suggest doing a quick scan to see why you are feeling this way about this person.

Ask yourself:
1. Why do I not want to pick up the phone?
2. Why do I want to cancel the plans?

3. Why do I keep making plans that I know I will not enjoy?
4. If I don’t want to talk or hang out with someone why do I keep them in my life?

5. What value does this person bring me?

6. Is this person a good friend to me?

Sometimes these are all you need to ask yourself in order to understand yourself better. Keeping an energy vampire around, especially after learning what they are, has more to do with you then it does with them. What reason do you have to keep people around if you gain no value from interacting with them?

Now, I’m not suggesting that you get rid of everyone in your life who doesn’t teach you how to grow your business or develop your mindset. Value to me could be a simple coffee date with a friend who you can just have a light and fun conversation with. Happiness is value. Laughter is value. 

4. Don’t decorate your life with people

Further to #3, be aware of who you spend your time with. If any of your friends make you feel insecure, or tell you that you’re too sensitive or too much or too happy or too optimistic, you want to be conscious of how much time you are spending with that person. If anyone at all, makes you question whether you’re good enough or not, do yourself a favor and distant yourself from them.

Let me be clear, I’m NOT suggesting that you cut anyone who makes you question anything about your life. I am suggesting that you cut people from your life who hold you down, bring you down, or make you FEEL insecure, anxious, or doubtful. Having people in your life who will inspire you and guide you through different phases of your life is a magical blessing. I’m not suggesting you get rid of THESE types of people. 

Make sure you understand the difference between people who are inspiring you and keeping you open-minded versus people who compete with you and make you feel bad about who you are. You don’t need people around you just so you can expand your circle and decorate your life. Don’t use people for decoration. Your friendships should be full of inspiration, peace and laughter. 

5. Raise your vibration

Raising your vibration is an excellent way to protect your energy and to make sure your spiritual body is stimulated. People who do not see your vision, and are negative around you can lower your vibration. Actually lots of things can lower your vibration. Like becoming ill, going through a break up, speaking negative words, getting into arguments, swearing, and being jealous, petty or competitive. You want to always keep vibrating at a high level in order to put yourself in alignment with the universe and attract better opportunities and friends in your life.

If you’d like to learn more about raising your vibration then be sure to check out my FREE COURSE ON 22 Ways to Raise Your Vibration. In this FREE course (and audio) I explain the process I went through after my toxic relationship and career change and how I dealt with my fears and insecurities. I also talk about my early experiences with meditation and my subconscious mind. 

6. Ask for help

Almost all my clients struggle with this one. They do not feel comfortable asking for help. They take on too much, overwhelm and exhaust themselves, and feel behind on their own list of priorities. If you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. Take the opportunity to accept someone else’s help to make your life a little easier.

To give you even a better perspective, please understand that the inability to ask for help is, in ITSELF, a way for the ego to grow. Not asking for help is a way for the ego to hold certain statements as true. Let’s look at this in more depth…

When you are unable to ask for help, you are really saying one (or more) of the following:

1. No one can help me – Victimizing yourself 

2. I can’t trust anyone to help me – EGO

3. I can’t let go of control – EGO

4. I can always do it better myself even though I am drowning in work – EGO 

5. Asking for help = I am unable to do the work on my own – EGO 

You don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Say it out loud “I don’t have anything to PROVE TO ANYONE”.  Say it again “I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO PROVE TO ANYONE”

You don’t have to be the hero in every aspect of your life – this is EXHAUSTING!! Sometimes it’s okay to let someone help you. Think of it as “the universe is sending me help, how can I refuse help from the universe/god?”
If you see the bigger picture and allow someone to help you, you will realize that you will get ahead faster with less exhaustion. So start with small things and let people help you. 

7. Walk away

Walk away from things that don’t serve you, people who don’t believe in you and stop explaining yourself to people who just don’t get it. Walk away from friends who didn’t level up with you, walk away from jobs that make u feel frustrated and stressed out and unhappy, and walk away from situations that make you question your identity and values. Listen, I’m not saying walk away from things that scare you or challenge you, that’s different, don’t confuse the two. I’m suggesting you walk away from toxicity! There’s a difference. 

8. Get comfortable being alone

Get to know yourself and reconnect with yourself constantly. This will take time but it’s important to love your own company. This can help you protect your energy because once you are comfortable being alone, you won’t allow just anybody to come into your life and take from you. You won’t try to fill a void because once you are completely happy being alone, there will be no void to fill. 

When you become more intune with yourself and your purpose, you will not feel the need to decorate your life with people. Your standard for who gets the pass to stay in your life naturally raises. You will feel that you will attract more people who are aligned with you and understand you. 

9. Say “No”

Say “no” to events and people that don’t bring you value. And by value I mean happiness, creativity, new thoughts, positivity, and inspiration. Be cautious and aware of where you are receiving your source of love, happiness and creativity from. Is it from people who truly want to push you farther in life? Or do you spend most of your time with people who are stuck, but won’t do anything about it? 

Make sure you check in with yourself enough to know when you are exhausted and can’t take on anymore. Honor yourself enough to say ‘no’ when you have had enough of something. If something is stressing you at work say something. If your having issues in your marriage, don’t act like everything is fine. Talk about things. 

You deserve to be 100% happy with your life. Whoever taught you that you can’t have it all wasn’t talking about our happiness. Don’t take that general cliche statement and apply it to your life. Are you really going to justify your lack of satisfaction of your life with a statement you saw on the internet?
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