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What is an empath? 

Who can be an empath? 

Am I an empath? 

How to know if you are an empath?
How to deal with an empath?
Can you become an empath?

These are the most popular questions alot of people have about empaths. You might be wondering if you are an empath, or perhaps you are dating someone who identifies as an empath and you are here to learn more about them. Whatever the case, I applaud you for wanting to learn more about this beautiful ability. You see being an empath is the ability to know what others are truly feeling based on their vibrational energy. Empaths can feel when someone is feeling a little “off” or not themselves. They can sense someone else’s sadness, anxiety, and confusion just by being in the same room as them. They can feel hurt, pain, happiness, and even loss. This is not because they are psychic, but rather empaths have the ability to feel all that nature offers. Alot of empaths LOVE their plants, for example, they give thanks to the herbs they burn for cleansing because they believe we are all one and part of nature. They have a deep understanding of animals and their purpose in this world.

If you know my story then you know that I went through a time of confusion, lack, doubt, and career change. I left my career in law even though, I had the STRONGEST desire to become a lawyer. After making a deal with the universe, I was guided to leave the legal field and well, be confused for a little while. That wasn’t fun. But in that time, I learned alot about myself. I started meditating, I started to learn about the subconscious mind, I learned about spirituality and how to manifest my goals WHILE working towards them and so one. One of the things I learned about, was that I am an empath. This was new information to me. 

All those times that I cried myself to sleep knowing there is an animal somewhere out there being abused and all I wanted to do was save them ALL, that was me being an empath. And all the times that I felt anxious around certain people, that was a sign of me being an EMPATH. 

I see the term “empath” being thrown around on the internet alot these days. People are identifying themselves as empaths and I, for one, think that this is a wonderful collective experience but let’s be an authentic empath. If you are going to say that you’re an empath, then please understand the responsibility that comes with being an empath. 

I believe that we all have the ability to raise our vibration high enough so that we can feel other people’s emotions and energy without them expressing it to us verbally. 

If you are unsure if YOU are an empath or if you want to know if any of your friends or family members are empaths then you are just where you need to be. 

Here are EIGHT signs you are an empath:

1. You’re Everyone’s Savior

If you are an empath, you probably have a natural & undeniable urge to help everyone with anything, and I really mean anything! 

For example, when a friend calls and says they need you to come over and be there for them in their time of need, you don’t even think about it – you drop everything and show up with snacks. 

2. Sensitive

If you are an empath you are likely to have an interesting sensitivity towards any shift in energy in a room full of people. 

For example, if someone walks in with a negative aura, you are the first person to pick up on their frequency. Sometimes you may not even know who the person is or where your shift is coming from, but you suddenly may feel “off” or imbalanced. Some empaths feel anxious around other people or they feel a wave of sadness around someone who is going through a hard time in their life. 

3. Lie Detector

Many empaths are great lie detectors and this is again because of their sensitivity to vibration. 

When someone lies to you, you are able to pick up on their energy. This is because when we lie, we lower our vibration.  In my youtube video 10 SIGNS YOU ARE AN EMPATH I talk about how this “feature” (if you will) is kind of like a double-edged sword. It can be a bitter-sweet thing because some empaths are not too comfortable with this ability. The ability to know who’s lying, who’s a real friend and who is taking advantage of you.  Could you imagine? Of course, it would make life so much easier but wouldn’t it also be a little disappointing to continue to catch people you love, lying to you?

4. Mirroring

As an empath, you may have the ability to mirror those around you. This mirror is created by you being able to pick up on someone’s energy and aura, and then reflecting that back to them. Most often, you are doing this without intending to, or even being aware of it. But it does happen!

For example, when you are around someone who is feeling very sad and hurt after a break-up, their energy rubs off on you and suddenly become a little depressed (which lowers your vibration). 

In different situations others may be turned off by this because they start to see a little bit of themselves, in YOU! What they are really seeing is their OWN insecurities and flaws in YOU.

5. Feel people’s words

Often times, when people talk to me about their problems, I really feel them on a deeper level. When a friend tells me about her struggles with being “stuck” I feel that exhaustion and confusion. Now it doesn’t mean I start to offer unsolicited advice but because of my deep understanding of their situation, I can offer better comfort and support. 

As an empath, I am able to feel my friends, and family, and clients’ feelings, even the ones they refuse to acknowledge. I find myself even sometimes saying things that I had no intention of saying. What I mean is, I’ll say something like “are you feeling kind of heavy today?” when the person I’m talking to, immediately confirms that they are, I am certain that the universe is using me as a vessel to communicate to this person. 

I also just want to add here that as an empath it’s extremely important to protect your own energy. My next blog will be about protecting your energy so definitely check that out. 

6. Love mother-nature

Another sign that you may be an empath is your love for nature, the universe, earth, and of course, animals!

Alot of empaths express their love for animals differently than others. For example, donating to shelters, fostering animals, helping animals on the street, leaving bird feed out in the backyard, and of course, refusing to eat them (going vegetarian or vegan).

I can only speak for a) myself and b) the people I have met in my life when I say this BUT, empaths desire to connect with animals on a deeper level. For some, it’s their way of staying in-tune with the universe, for others it may be a way of sending gratitude and love in the universe. New empaths may not even know exactly WHY they love animals so much, they don’t feel they need a reason.  

To put this in simpler terms, empaths love animals more than just because they are “cute” or “furry”.

7. Strong guide

Empaths usually have a strong intuition and inner guide.

For one, empaths rarely ask others for help. For the most part, empaths know what to do or what decisions to make based on their intuition. They know they have the answers within – so they seek within. They know how to reach for inner guidance, so naturally, they spend time alone in nature, or meditate or cleanse with herbs like sage. 

The other thing that shows me they have easy access to their inner guide is how they cope. Even in their saddest moments, they don’t feel alone. They know they are never truly alone and that the universe always has their backs.   

Sometimes, not asking for help can be problematic. Empaths who never ask for help AND are constantly taking on too much and giving away their powers are overwhelming themselves. You might feel so exhausted that you are unable to serve your purpose in your life. Sometimes we find it so hard to ask for help which brings me to my next point…

8. Always being disappointed

If you are an empath, you might often feel like you are disappointed with how little you recieve back from people. This is because as a newly discovered empath, you don’t know when to stop giving. All you want to do is give, and help, and support, and be there for everyone. You will soon learn that you’re special with your feelings and not everyone is like you. 

This feeling of disappointment comes from being exhausted, so much so, that it turns into a low vibration resentment. Let me break it down for you:

Lucy gives people too much  > Lucy cleans and cooks at home and gets no thanks
Lucy is there for all of her friends > She listens, and shows up, and is present 

Lucy never gets the same amount back

Lucy starts to feel overwhelmed, and her exhaustion makes her feel empty inside.
When Lucy starts to think about why she feels this way, she comes to believe it’s because “people have been taking too much from her” ahhh BINGO.. Right?  .. actually wrong!

How can people “take” what is not being offered?

So instead of putting the “blame” or “fault” on Lucy for being so kind and so giving, Lucy can take responsibility and create healthy boundaries so that she only gives what she doesn’t mind never receiving back.

Lucy should also learn to say “no” more often and if you relate to Lucy then you may want to consider learning how to say “no”

Let me explain further…

In the past I would drop my own priorities to be there for my friends or family and noticed a pattern of me never asking for help when I was in need. I always felt like I could handle whatever life threw at me and that I could use my own inner guide to show me the right path.

But this behaviour overwhelmed me and I was no longer doing good things for other people with a smile on my face. That’s when I realized I needed to change something. I learned about how to protect my own energy, and started to say “no” more. When I really didn’t want to do something in order to honnor and love myself, I would say “no”. 

I’m not suggesting you become selfish and never do things for other people, I am instead, suggesting that you only do things with an open heart, and not for anything in return, and if you can’t, then don’t, because all you will feel is exhausted and disappointed if you are doing things for other and expecting the same back. 

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