Work with me

For social media branding and business development, our sessions will cover

1. Instagram assessment

We will assess your social media platforms and work on improving themes, aesthetics, quality and resonance.

2. Hashtag research

A list of appropriate and researched hashtags will be provided for you in accordance with your brand, content and niche market allowing you to target who finds your content more frequently. 

3. Unlimited messaging support

During our 10 sessions, I will be available to answer your questions or any challenge that may arise via whatsapp which also allows you to send me voicenotes for a more personalized and genuine interaction in between sessions.

4. Analysis of marketing and business plan

Together we will develop a business and marketing plan that suits your business model and goals. This will require us to first look at what you are currently doing and assess what new strategies can be implemented. This is the stage of our work that will likely require the most time and discussion but it is also one of the most exciting parts of rebranding and re-evaluating the work that means so much to you!

5. Step by step execution plan

Once we have agreed on what needs to be changed, then we move onto implementing a step by step system that helps you to slowly implement those changes, skills, and attitudes in your business.

6. Branding psychology

Branding is a psychology. It is how people view your business. It is how you communicate to the world what you stand behind, what you teach, what you value and who you are here to serve. Successful businesses understand this and the entrepreneurs behind those businesses are great at understanding people aka the market. Understanding who you are targeting and why they need you is fundamental in business. During our time we will discuss this in deeper lengths as it pertains to YOUR market/audience. 

7. Engagement, community building

Social media is a place where people socialize, interact, learn, educate, share information, and keep up with trends. Your goal as a content creator is to give people a sense of “home” on your platforms. Over time, your audience should turn into returning customers who continue to engage with your content and begin to share it with their friends. Just like you rave about your favorite products from Nike, Walmart, or Amazon and influence your friends and family to purchase their products, you have to start asking yourself “what will make my clients rave about my products/services?”. 

8. Content creation; Videos & Copywriting

Alot of clients feel nervous about going on camera because they don’t know what to say or how to start. Speaking in front of a camera and interacting with your audience can be a very genuine and warm interaction. This is where you show yourself, your journey and your transparency to the people that invest their time in consuming your content. In our sessions, this is something we can work on together to strengthen your video creation and editing skills. Similarly, writing content such as blogs, captions and youtube video descriptions are sometimes difficult because some people don’t know how to market or advertise themselves or their content without coming off “conceited”. This is what we have to work on. To confidently speak your truth, advertise your value and feel GREAT about it.

Want to talk about something not on this list?
Oftentimes, my work with clients takes incredible turns and detours that it is impossible to cover everything here without writing a novel! So if there are other things you have on your list to cover, definitely bring them up in our sessions!


For personal growth and self improvement, I am offering individual coaching and clients may wish to discuss and work on any of the following topics:

Self doubt

Self confidence
Life transitions

Forgiveness of self and others

Dealing with anger and resentment

Self love and compassion
Self initiation and goal setting

Please note: Although I am not a registered therapist yet, I am currently completing my Master’s in Psychotherapy and hope to expand my services as soon as I am fully licensed.

My Approach

My approach is interactive, supportive, and multidimensional. I am not here to “fix” any of my clients. I have high positive regard and empathy for my clients and hope to support them in making their own discoveries and realizations. My role is to encourage clients to dig deeper, and deeper, and then a little more! Together we can ask the hard questions, explore the depth of impact of pasy experiences and become aware of repeating patterns that are causing certain results. One of my purposes in this role is to inspire clients to do further independent exploration in between sessions and reflect on their own behavior, take accountability and be honest about where they are and where they would like to go. As a mentor, I am transparent and share my own stories and experiences publicly on my social media platforms in order to encourage transparency with one’s own journey and lessons.


Complimentary consultation calls of 15 minutes can be scheduled for new clients only. During this call you can ask me any questions and share what you would like to work on to get a better understanding of what it would be like to work with me. 

One 60 minute session

$ 170 1 Hour
  • + Audio recording of all sessions
  • + One time Checkin via Whatsapp 1 week after session

Five 60 minute sessions

$ 800 $160/hr
  • + Unlimited messaging access to me via Whataspp
  • + Audio recording of all sessions

Ten 80 minute sessions

$ 1500 $115/hr
  • + 200 Extra Minutes!
  • + Unlimited messaging access to me via Whataspp
  • + Audio recording of all sessions

Corporate Collab

If you are an incorporated company or a startup and would like me to spend time with your team to:

1. Develop culture

2. Traing your team with sales, performance and attitude

3. Conduct Seminars/Presentations

Please email me to schedule a call to go over your company goals and objectives and curate the most effective plan and discuss financing options.