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Why do I need to ground myself?
How do I ground myself?

How do I know if I need to ground myself?

What happens if I don’t ground myself?

The concept of grounding really just means you need to remove the excess energy that you have picked up from your interactions with different people in your day to day life.  Of course there are signs that tell you there is excess energy on you that you need to remove (by grounding).

The very first sign that your body uses to tell you that you need to ground yourself is if you are extremely exhausted. This exhaustion however, is not on the body level. It’s not the same exhaustion you feel after a workout. This is a type of exhaustion you cannot get rid of with rest or sleep. This exhaustion is frustrating, and cannot be shaken off unless you ground yourself. 

The second sign that you might need to ground yourself is if you are losing or misplacing things, experiencing alot of confusion, or difficulty concentrating. For instance, if you are normally a fairly organized and neat person and suddenly you can’t seem to keep up with things, like if you are late to work, or late to dinners and other events, you might need to ground yourself because you are not fully aware of yourself and you are not living in the present. 

The third sign that you need to ground yourself is if you are never in the present moment. If you are constantly rushing to get to places, always thinking about the future or tomorrow, always thinking about the past or yesterday then you need to ground yourself to bring your awareness back to the present moment. I have a video on this topic and I go into more detail about how to bring your awareness to the present moment, click here to watch

Another sign that you need to ground yourself, is if you are having difficulty communicating. If you feel like you just can’t seem to get the right words out or if you are feeling ‘choked’. If you study the chakras or are at all familiar with your chakras, you should know that this feeling is also a sign that there is a block in your throat chakra (Vishuddha).

Other times to ground yourself include things like, after a breakup, after a fight, after an illness, or after going through a dark time.  Of course let’s not forget about grounding after interacting with an energy vampire

When you ground yourself, you are simply balancing your energy levels. The purpose of grounding is to raise your vibration and get rid of anything that is attached to your energy space that does not belong to you. Have you ever spent the day with a friend who is going through a tough or dark time? If yes, have you noticed that after coming home, you feel mentally tired? The feeling is kind of similar to having studied for 9 or 10 hours in one day. Your mind feels heavy and tired, right? That’s the best way to describe the exhaustion you might feel when you need to ground yourself.  This is because that person who is going through something heavy in their life, is an energy vampire. This does NOT necessarily mean they are a bad person. They might just be experiencing something negative emotionally, which causes them to need to feed off of someone else’s energy. You can help by encouraging them to do things that will ground them.

You can invite them for a hike in nature, give them a crystal healing stone, send them a podcast that might help them heal, or you can just give them space to deal with their emotions.  

Let’s look at some tools you can use to ground yourself.

1. Nature

Walking barefoot on grass is the best and easiest way to ground yourself. Just take a few minutes, take your shoes and socks off, walk on a field of grass and take in the smell of the freshly cut grass, look up at the sky, feel the sun shining on your skin and send positive thoughts into the universe. Send gratitude into the universe. Be grateful for even the oxygen that you breathe, given to you by the universe. Be grateful for the life you were given today, and every other day to come. Be grateful for the good people in your life, the opportunities that have come to you, the food you eat and the home you live in.  Be grateful for this incredible technology that allows you to read blogs, watch videos and listen to podcasts, and allows you to work on your personal development. 

Gardening is another way to ground yourself. As you feel the soil on your hands, and plant seeds deep inside the earth, realize you too are a seed of life. As your plants or herbs grow, give the universe thanks for this experience. 

Hugging a tree is another grounding method many people swear by. Trees are amazing grounding tools. Trees have a very high vibration/energy and they have the ability to form an energy relationship with you. People who believe in hugging trees, have reported that they feel the SAME exact tree they hug, call them either in dreams or in meditation. 

2. Crystal Healing stones

Crystal healing stones have such a high vibration that when they come in contact with you, a lower vibration being compared to a crystal, they immediately raise YOUR vibration as opposed to you lowering THEIR energy. 

Certain stones are especially known for grounding because they are able to ABSORB negative energy. Some of these stones are Hematite, Obsidian, black Opal, Clear quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Tourmaline. Black or dark stones in general are known for absorbing negative energy.  Black stones are also used to create energy vortex, portals and even in manifestation practices. 

Despite what you might have heard about black crystals, they are beautiful crystals with lots of absorbing potential. I remember when a friend of mine paid to go to a historic (real) haunted house for halloween to summon spirits (which I do not recommend), the people who supervised the whole thing, gave him a black crystal to hold in his hand throughout the whole process for protection. The very fact that you are given a black crystal for protection, is more than enough for me to stay away. No thanks! 

3. Scents

You can also use certain scents to ground yourself. This is because certain scents have the power to raise your vibration JUST by how they make you feel. For example palo santo and sage have very earthy and natural scents which may remind you of a time you were in the woods, or went camping, or went to a cottage. These memories, and thoughts immediately raise your vibration because you are suddenly in a happy place. Usually when you are in nature, it is a vacation-like feeling. 

Aside from waking up a happy memory for you, natural scents are made from natural plants that grow on their own. This is the universe’s way of giving us exactly what we need. Another way to raise your vibration through scent is either with essential oils or incense sticks. You can even learn to make your own infused oil and incense sticks right at home. If you are interested, do a little research and browse youtube to find a good DIY video on how to make infused oil or incense sticks. 

Some scents that can immediately raise your vibration and ground you are Lavender, Myrrh, Patchouli, Chamomile, and Sandalwood.  Natural scents like these can do the same as crystal healing stones. You can use them as dry herbs to burn OR you can find the essential oil version of them and rub them on your body before meditation or before you go to sleep or even in the morning before work. In fact a lot of people will keep a small bottle of essential oil at their desk at work. 

The most important part of grounding is your intention. Whatever method of grounding you choose, make sure your intention behind it is clear and positive. 

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