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Why do you cleanse your home?

How do you cleanse your home?

When do you need to cleanse your home?

What do you use to cleanse your home?

Generally we cleanse our home to clear the energy in the house. The energy in the house may need clearing (another word for cleansing) for reasons like, after an argument or fight, after having people over, seasonal cleaning, feeling tired/sluggish, or after coming home from a long trip. I personally just cleanse my home anytime I feel like I want a boost of energy in my space. If I want to cleanse and burn something, I will. Sometimes I feel the need to cleanse the energy in my house just because something feels off to me. You can even cleanse to raise your vibration or because you are having a bad day or a bad week.

If you are new to cleansing and want to start off by incorporating a practice that is simple and effective, I recommend starting off by using white California Sage. Sage is one of the most effective and easy dried plants to use. Before cleansing, close all windows and main entrances. 

You can peel off a few leaves from the sage bundle or you can light the tip of the bundle on fire. I recommend peeling off a few leaves because it gives you more control over how much you use/burn. Use the flame of a candle to light the leaves and set your intentions. When the leaves catch the flame, you can blow it out and walk around the house slowly with the Sage.  Use your hand to guide the smoke to each corner of each room in the house as well as every entrance, window and stairway. 

If you are familiar with cleansing and you want a longer cleansing practice you can use Sage, Sweetgrass, and Palo Santo.


Burning Sage (or smudging) was initiated by Native Americans for the purpose of cleansing. Recently, we have adopted this practice in the west for the same purpose. I, personally choose to cleanse myself after a long day or after coming home from a long day and feeling exhausted. 

Sage actually puritfies the oxygen that you breath, helps with memory loss, depression, and asthma. Your intention is the most important aspect in cleansing. You need to remember to keep positive and loving intentions in your thoughts while you are saging your house. It’s a good idea to ask the universe to help you to let go of all things that are not of love and light. After you are done spreading the smoke around in your house in every room and in every corner, you should open all doors and windows to let out the negative energy.  

Make sure to pour the ashes in a garden or by a tree in that backyard. This is a respectful way to give the ashes back to the universe and show your gratitude. You should never throw the ashes in a garbage bin or even worst, flush it down the toilet. These dried plants are sacred and gifts from the universe. Sacred plants like sage are used for spiritual clarity, awakening, protection, and welcoming new energy. If you are intuitive enough your home will tell you where you need to cleanse.


After you are done with Sage, and you have opened the doors and windows, you can now burn sweetgrass. Sweetgrass is another a sacred plant to Native Americans also used for cleansing. 

With a light, aromatic and sweet scent, sweetgrass is used to neutralize the smell of the house after sage. It is believed that the sweet scent of Sweetgrass welcomes positive energy, so much so, that alot of people will hang a dried braided piece of Sweetgrass on top of their doorways or stairs to welcome and invite energy that is of love and light. 

This is due to the belief that doorways and stairways are actually portals to other dimensions therefore, keeping these “entrances” positive is essential. 

Palo Santo 

Palo Santo is the wood from a wild tree that grows in Mexico and Peru. Palo Santo is directly translated to “holy wood”. Some people believe that using sage to smudge the house gets rid of BOTH good and bad energy, so for those people who only want to cleanse their home to get rid of bad energy energy only, they may choose to cleanse with palo santo. Palo Santo smells minty and lemony and is related to Myrrh and Frankincense. You can use palo santo the same way you would use Sage- take it to all corners and then open the windows and doors. Palo santo has healing properties that soothe headaches, help you to connect with source, raise your vibration, and improve anxiety and asthma. Alot of people use palo santo for different rituals and some even throw a piece in their firewood just to enjoy the campy/woody smell and to cleanse their space.

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