In this guide, you will learn:

- The basics of your vibrational energy

- 22 ways to improve your mood A.K.A. raise your vibration

- How to connect with nature

- What to do when you are feeling sad or low in energy

You will benefit from this download if:

– You have a desire to learn more about -yourself
– You are looking for a basic understanding of your relationship with nature and your 5 senses
– You are seeking to explore new experiences with nature
– You are a beginner in NLP
– You are interested in enhancing your understanding of yourself and your purpose in life

Basics of Reflection & Intention Setting

This guide was created to help you with the basic intention setting practice that will help you transform your days into exactly what you want. You will learn why it is important to set intentions for your day, projects, communications, relationships and creations. It is to get you to think deeper about WHY you do what you do and what you want every action and interaction to mean once it is in the external world. This is especially important for entrepreneurs who want more productive, more meaningful days.

In this guide, you will learn:

– The basics of setting intentions
– How to reflect on small goals 
– How to reflect on things you want to change
– Basic questions to ask when reflecting
– Why to set intentions and how it speaks to the universe
– How to communicate your desires to the external world



In this audio training you will learn about: 

– A little bit about my story and how I started Innervibration
– Redefining failure in business
– Detaching from your business
– How to think about the longevity of your business
– What it means to build a successful brand
– Examples of good customer care
– Building relationships based on your industry
– Consistency and macro in business
– The role of social media in your business
– How to understand your target market and predict their behavior
– How to stay creative and continue to nourish yourself as the creator.

You will benefit from this download if:

– You are an entrepreneur

–  You are looking for more meaning in your day-to-day life

– You are new to intention setting

– You want to analyze your life and look for areas to improve

– You feel like something is off but you’re not sure what it is

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WHAT THE UNIVERSE WANTS YOU TO KNOW (10 reminders from the universe)

In this audio training you will learn about:

– How to hear the voice of the universe within you (Inner voice)
– How to build a relationship with the inner voice
– How to build an inner dialogue
– How to counter your thoughts of judgement, doubt and disbelief
– How the mind tricks you and how to recognize it
– Openness as a habit and gateway to personal and spiritual growth
– Redefining labels and concepts in life such as failure
– Identifying expectations and letting go control
– Evidence and fact checking before believing your thoughts
– Deep linguistic power on productivity and getting ahead