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Why do you need to cleanse/charge your crystals?

How do you cleanse/charge your crystals?
When can you cleanse your crystals?

If you are new to working with crystals please understand that these are gentle and sacred gifts from nature. Crystal healing stones have energy and their vibration is much, MUCH higher then humans. A few reasons you might wish to cleanse a stone are:

  1. You have a new stone
  2. New intention/purpose, but old stone
  3. If someone touched your stone

**Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the cleansing methods I talk about in this blog may not be safe for all stones because some stones should not come in contact with salt, sun or water so please do your own research. For example, Amethyst should not be put under direct sunlight because the sun will diminish the natural colors of the stone and Selenite should not be cleansed with water because it is a salt based stone. 

1. Full Moon

Cleansing under the full moon is the easiest and safest way to charge and cleanse your stones. The moon’s light will not damage any stone and you can use any full moon to do this. The only downside is that you have to wait for a full moon which only happens once a month. You can leave your stones in your backyard, balcony, or front yard on the evening of the full moon and pick them up the next morning. Full moons bring a shift of intense energy which can be used for manifestation and meditation. The full moon of your birthday month can take this shift of energy to a new level.

2. Sunlight

The sun is the ULTIMATE source of energy. Laying under the sun will do more for your body than just a tan. As amazing is as the sun is though, it is not meant for all of your stones. You see, alot of stones have beautiful vibrant and bright colors that the sun’s intense heat and light will fade. 

With crystals that ARE safe to cleanse under the sun, you STILL don’t want to leave your stones there for more than 5 hours. If you do choose to cleanse for longer than 5 hours, make sure you are checking on the stones every half hour. But even so, please remember that the stone might start fading days AFTER the cleanse.

For example, leaving amethyst out in the sunlight can fade the vibrant purple color. I usually only leave stones out for only about 3-4 hours. You can choose to do a sunlight cleanse in the morning hours, or in the later afternoon hours because during these times, the sun’s heat and brightness will be less intense. Other crystals that you should not put under direct sunlight are Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Opal. Again, please check to make sure that the stone you have is safe to be under sunlight.

3. Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are normally all tuned to 1 of the 7 chakras. You can use any singing bowl to cleanse your stones. This is a method that is safe for all stones unless you have a very thin slice of stone that could POSSIBLY crack due to the vibration of the bowl (which I myself, have never seen or heard of). You can put your stone inside the bowl and just meditate to the tune of the bowl and set your intentions. The vibration of the singing bowl clears the energy and charges the stone. 

Fun Fact: You can use singing bowls to cleanse yourself and your home (or any other space). To cleanse yourself, find a comfortable spot, sit comfortably, take your singing bowl and play. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Bring yourself to the present. Bring your attention to your breathing. Try to relax your mind. If you are interrupted by thoughts, it’s okay just observe, don’t engage. 

To cleanse a space with a singing bowl, you can walk to each room and play your singing bowl and close your eyes and envision the vibration of the bowl, reaching all corners of the room. 

4. Earthing

Another safe method to cleanse most of your stones is to use the earth. You can do this by digging a little hole in your backyard and putting the stone inside the hole overnight. In the morning, you can bring the stone back in and (depending on your stone) rinse it under water or gently wipe off the dirt. If you don’t want to get your stone dirty, you can put your stone inside a ziploc bag and put the bag in the hole you dug, and leave a bit of the bag open.

Sometimes what I like to do is take a piece of paper and write my intention on it and wrap it around the stone and then put it in the soil. 

For example, I’ll take a rose quartz crystal and on a normal size paper I’ll write the word “LOVE” and I’ll place the stone in the middle of the paper, wrap the paper around the stone, and put it inside a ziploc and then put the bag in a hole in my backyard. In doing this, I am setting my intention that this stone be cleared and charged with love energy from nature/earth.

Understanding the stone’s natural energy can make this easier because it allows you to charge the stone with an energy that the stone accepts easily. For example a Rose Quartz stone with the intention of finding love. 

5. Water And White Light 

For this method, you are going to take your stone under water and rinse it. While you are cleansing the stone under water, I want you to close your eyes and talk to your stone. I want you to take a few minutes to set your intention with the stone and communicate to the universe what you want this stone to do for you. Whether you want to have the stone as a source of peace or a source of gratitude, you must communicate this intention to the universe. While your eyes are closed and you’re envisioning your intentions, imagine a white light coming from the sky and connecting to your stone. Imagine that this white light is bringing with it the intention that you have asked for. If you have asked for love, the light is coming with love. If you have asked for peace, the white light is bringing you peace. 

You can do the same exercise by putting the stone in a bowl of water (as opposed to having the water run for long).

**Please be careful what stone you put in water because a stone like Selenite may be damaged in water.

6. Use other stones

You can also use other stones to cleanse your stone. For example, you can use Selenite to cleanse other stones. Because Selenite is a salt based stone, it has cleansing properties. This gives Selenite the power to cleanse you and your stones. You can put the stone you want to cleanse beside or on top of a Selenite and leave it there for a few hours. Sometimes, you may come to find that as soon as you touch your stone, you can just feel that it needs more time to be cleansed- that’s totally okay! You can check on your stone every hour after the original 4-5 hours, to see if it’s starting to feel better. 

7. No Contact Salt

As discussed earlier, salt itself has cleansing properties. You can use anything that’s salt based, to cleanse yourself and your stones. The “no contact” salt is a method you can use IF YOU choose to cleanse a gentle crystal like Amethyst with salt (because again, amethyst cannot come in contact with salt because the salt will damage/fade its vibrant colors). The easiest way to do a no-contact salt cleanse, is to take a bowl and fill it with pink himalayan salt, then take your crystal and put the crystal into a cup or a small shot glass (depending on the size of your crystal) and then put the shot glass in the salt bowl. So that the stone does not actually touch the salt but is still close enough to receive the charge. 

8. Sage

Of course Sage is an EXCELLENT and safe way to cleanse all, if not most, of your crystals. Take your white California Sage, light it using a candle, blow out the flame, and hold your stone above the smoke of the sage and take your time and set your intentions. 

Make sure the stone is close to the stone, but not so close that your stone will burn. If you’re using sage to cleanse a white crystal like Opal or Selenite, just be careful of the distance between the Sage and the crystal. Otherwise, this method is safe on your crystals. Sage will not fade, damage, or dull your crystals. 

This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Make sure you are not inhaling the smoke of the Sage directly as it might a little strong or, harsh. I personally, love the smell AND smoke of Sage so I don’t mind it, but I also understand that not everyone is a herb fanatic like

9. Ask the universe

Asking the universe to cleanse the stone is another envisioning exercise. You can hold the stone in your palm, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, ask the universe to help you in cleansing the stone for you. 

You can ask the universe to cleanse the stone from everyone who has ever touched the stone before you. You can ask the universe to cleanse the stone of all past intentions and manifestations. You can ask the universe to cleanse the stone from all the energies that it has picked up from your surroundings and so on. 

You can take as long as you’d like for this. Make sure that you really take your time and only do this when you are 1) alone, 2) have time and 3) are in a peaceful and calm state. If you are sad, or if your vibration is low, you may want to choose another time to do this because remember this is different than using a crystal to raise your vibration, this is when you are telling the stone what you want to manifest. 

Remember that crystal healing stones, are sacred and precious pieces of nature and you must learn to respect and love them in order for any of this to work. 

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