Innervibration is a self-help brand created to explore and educate it’s audience about human consciousness, the power of the mind, perspective shifts and redefining personal constructs to promote change and acceptance. 

Oftentimes the human mind is tremendously powerful in manipulating the “self” to focus on self-destructive ideas and thoughts, and it takes a lot of daily practice and awareness to change that.Innervibration serves to encourage everyone to feel comfortable with failure, rejection and self doubt in business and in other aspects of life.


With over 280 FREE educational videos on Youtube, over 3000 posts on Instagram and a podcast on iTunes, Innervibration has become a place to feel safe, ask questions, connect and learn from with other likeminded individuals.


I’m currently in my second year of a Master’s program in Psychotherapy. I hope to continue my work with my clients and play a small role in enabling their potential and helping them overcome destructive thought patterns. Innervibration is a reminder that everything is a vibration that starts internally, whether in the heart, in the mind or on a cellular level. Thoughts, words and emotions have vibrations and by becoming aware of that vibration, we can develop the power to produce MASSIVE results in our lives.

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I am currently available for one-on-on coaching calls to discuss marketing & branding for your personal brand as well as to work on your personal development goals of any capacity. Send me a DM on instagram or email me at negar@innervibration.net to work with me.

Let’s celebrate all that awaits you!


Negar is one of the smartest and the most hard working person I have known! Her drive is magnificent and the energy she creates and instills in people is massive inspiration! Everything that Negar does, she does it with passion, love ad care. Negar is a strong candidate for any business or growth, and sales. She is trustworthy and a kind person, and knows how to get things done. Thanks Negar for creating such a big impact in the Global High-Vibe Summit and would love to have you again.

Ricky @highbrate

It is not often that I've had the privilege of coming across someone who through each stage of my endeavours, continually realigns me with my purpose. Across all social platforms, Negar maintains a presence that feels personal and accessible and always promotes an entrepreneurial mindset that can be applied to almost anything in life. Following her journey and connecting through both posted content and personal conversations has allowed me to build an amazing toolkit that helps me to make meaningful progress in every area of my life. Thank you, Negar! I'm sincerely grateful

Amelia K. Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Negar is an absolute dream to work with. She is thorough in getting to know you, your story and utilizing your visions to achieve your goals. She goes the extra mile by researching your market and putting together a customized plan for you. She highlights the things you could improve on and walks you through every process. It has been a pleasure working with her and I will continue to as I just launched a new business based on all of the tools and knowledge she’s given me.

Sherelle Kitchen Author of Salted Wounds Scars and Tattoos Bleeding From The Inside Out

Innervibration is an amazing coach. She is very understanding and open minded. At the start i was very unclear with my Business idea and she helped me gain clarity and confidence with it She gave me many strategies to use for my Business and on using social media. She made me think from different perspectives. The most important part was she made me feel very comfortable when coaching with her. She taught me to break any limitations I held with my business and the way things are done. I would definitely recommend you take coaching from her as she has so much value to provide.

Dhrupti K.